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Arlanda, OMEGA
Arlanda Drivelab
Project: [Tistelholmen]

In 2014, one of the houses burned at Tistelholmen outside Lidingö in Stockholm. The only thing that survived the fire was the old brick fireplace. The house was one of the oldest and largest on the island, why the footprint and the volume of the former house were important to preserve. However, the family wanted a new look and better solutions of the rooms. The new house is constructed with a cross laminated timber structure (CLT), where the flor slab between the floors is suspended by the roof beam
to allow for as much space as possible.

The façade has been divided in groups of windows and cladded with an impregnated pine wood panel. The interior consists of visible laminated timber structure.

As a memory of the old house, the bricks from the old fireplace were reused and rebuilt into a new, but old fireplace.

Project credits:
Architect: Leo Qvarsebo
Size: 160 m²
Developer: Private client
Construction: Janrik & Co
Project duration:2014-17

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Leo Qvarsebo summerhouse