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Arlanda, OMEGA
Arlanda Drivelab
Project: [Stallmästaren]

The project consists of 5 independent apartments that are built on an existing house from 1964 where the building volume was not fully utilized according to the zoning plan (detaljplan). The work consisted of obtaining building permits, tenders to entrepreneurs and construction drawings for the contractor. One of the objectives was to create functional and attractive apartments that work independently from the house below. This meant advanced technical solutions for the slab between the existing houses and the new building since all systems for the house below need to function independently from the new apartments.

The main ambition was to make an extension that addresses the motif of the 60s architecture with its regularity and composition between concrete, sheet metal and wood. Large glass sections facing the street dissolve the boundary between inside and outside. The interior is oriented around living room and kitchen with high ceiling and the fire place as space defining element. The bathrooms are made of aligned Carrara tiles with niches, integrated bathtubs and fixtures.

The apartments were sold in 2016 as top listing on the Stockholm housing

Project credits:
Architect: Equator Stockholm – Wayne Evers, Leo Qvarsebo
Size: 1100 m²
Developer: Private client
Construction: Janrik & Co
Project duration:2013-16

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Leo Qvarsebo summerhouse