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Arlanda, OMEGA
Arlanda Drivelab
Project: [Arlanda Drivelab]

The project is a car sales- and service center along the E4 motorway adjacent to the developer’s existing training facilities. The main focus of the project was to offer qualitative spaces with a strong identity to growing automotive companies.

The zoning plan (detaljplan) for the project did not allow buildings located close to the road, why a large part of the project consisted of arguing that a closed unit of buildings would be the most suitable for the site. The buildings was to be rented in units of about 400 m² with the possibility of larger units. As the tenants are automotive companies a parking space was created on the roof of the house.

When the project was completed in 2016, it was first as an environmentally certified car sales hall in Sweden.

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Leo Qvarsebo summerhouse